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Using our services will give you the advantage of:

  • Saving efforts – we will take care of everything.
  • Saving time – you don’t need to be in the property.
  • Saving money – get special discount for booking multiple services and choose the most affordable products on the UK market from several retailers.
  • Friendly support – our customer care team will gladly help you with all your enquiries whenever you need it.

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Professional Cleaning Services

End of Tenancy Cleaning

– Whether you are moving out, trying to sell your place or renting it to someone, the thorough cleaning when tenants change is crucial. Nowadays a lot of tenants and landlords decide to use our end of tenancy service. Coming to the realisation that attempting to clean the whole house by yourself is not really worth it, has increased the popularity of this service in the past few years. Do not hesitate and trust our professional cleaners. They are very experienced in this type of cleaning and are able to cover all areas that the End of Tenancy standard requires.

Carpet Cleaning

– Your carpets are subjected to high traffic and pollution on a daily basis. When a carpet is not regularly cleaned dust mites, dirt and dead skin build up on your carpet, damaging its fibers. Do not throw it away yet. Our carpet cleaning service offers you an easy and efficient solution to your problem. Whenever you feel like the weekly vacuuming is not enough – give us a call. Our employees are professional cleaners with a lot of experience. Using the most efficient products on the market they are able to restore your old, dirty carpet to its original bright colours.

Deep Cleaning

– Often, the weekly cleaning of our homes is not enough to maintain them properly clean. In order to keep your house hygienic and sanitary, you must perform a deep cleaning at least once a year. Most people choose to do this in the spring and call it Spring Cleaning. However, this is a time consuming job that many of us dislike. We now offer you the perfect solution to this problem. Our deep cleaning service is created to help people with the maintenance of their homes and our professional cleaners are very skilled in treating all kinds of dirt and stains in the most efficient way possible. Transform your house and be ready for the warm months.

Home Cleaning

– Cleaning at home is always such a chore! Would you not rather do something else you enjoy, especially after a long day at work? Whether it is a specific place of your house that needs cleaning or the whole place is full of chores awaiting you, know that you do not have to deal with that alone anymore. Instead of spending your precious time cleaning and scrubbing, you can now leave all this to us. We offer you a professional home cleaning service. Leave the house cleaning to our professionals and enjoy the perfect results after.

Gardening Services


Professional Gardening

– We know that most people nowadays do not have the time or skills to maintain their gardens in the condition they wish them to be in. We decided to create this service for all those people. If you are also struggling with gardening, do not hesitate and give us a call. We are able to do anything concerning gardening, give you advice and make your dream outdoor space come true. Whatever project you have in mind, feel free to share it with us. We will do our best to make it happen. Give us a call and schedule a one time visit or regular visitations from our gardeners.

Lawn Mowing

– The lawn is a very important part of your garden. Maintaining it is hard and has to be done regularly. If you are busy, lazy or just do not have the tools for the job, your grass may become overgrown and make your whole garden look unkempt. To prevent that from happening, trust our professional gardeners. They are able to come on a regular basis (depending on your grass) and mow it. The regular cutting of the lawn will not only maintain the neat, good looks of your garden but also improve the health of your grass. Book this service now and never worry about the lawn again.

Hedge Trimming

– Hedge trimming is an important task for the proper maintenance of your garden. However, it requires a lot of knowledge, skills and tools. Most people prefer to leave it to professional gardeners. The precise trimming of your hedges will benefit the overall appearance of your garden and improve their health. It is important to know when the different types of hedges should be cut, as well as which shape fits their purpose best. Our gardeners can do just that. Bring your garden to its ultimate neat and tidy appearance by taking advantage of this service.

Tree Pruning

– Tree pruning is another gardening job that requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Pruning your trees in the wrong way can result in serious damage and growth or blooming issues. Knowing how and when to prune your trees is crucial to the process. Leave this task to our professional gardeners. They are able to perform this in the best way possible and advise you on how to take proper care of your blooming trees. We suggest you do not take on this task by yourself since as we mentioned above the chances of you damaging the tree are big. Not only might you prevent it from blooming but also make it more vulnerable to diseases.

Relocation Services

Removal Services

– Organising your own moving can be a complicated task that can require a lot of effort and end up consuming most of your time. Finding proper vehicles, packing, loading and unpacking along with all other aspects of the moving procedure can cause you a lot of stress, especially if you are doing everything on your own. We offer you our professional moving service, provided with most care and attention to details. We are able to help you out with the whole process – manage your packing and moving, as well as the transportation.

Home Moving

– If you are moving, no matter how far, the whole process can be extremely exhausting. If you live in a house with a lot of stuff you surely will need some help. We are here to offer you just that. We have a number of professional movers that will come and take care of our belongings. They are all provided with a thorough checklist in order to make sure everything is done according to the best standards. We will spare you a lot of time and effort and make everything easier for you. Trust us on this one and we will make sure that you are able to enjoy your new place sooner.

Office Moving

– Whenever one’s business develops, space for growth is needed too. When you decide to move your office, we will be there for you. Moving your office space is a bit trickier than moving your house. There are no personal belongings but a lot of furniture, computers, and other fragile objects. The perfect organisation is of crucial importance in order to avoid disruption of the working process. You can trust us with this one. We have a perfect system of performing the service and will not disappoint you.

Man and Van

– The most important part of every move is the transportation aspect. Usually finding the right vehicle can be hard and expensive. If you don’t have a lot of stuff or they are smaller in size, you do not need to hire a big truck and pay extra. We want to offer you our exclusive Man and Van service. We provide a vehicle of the correct size (based on your belongings) and one or possibly two men. Our employee will help you with the loading, make sure everything is secured and safely transport all your things to your new place.

Handyman Services

Odd Jobs

– Every home needs some work done once in a while. However, not everyone is handy and sometimes help is needed. This is just what we offer. Our Odd Job service covers all tasks that may need to be performed on your premises – general repairs, painting, plumbing and much more. Whenever you are not able to fix everything, give us a call. We will make sure to put everything in order so it does not cause you any more trouble. We have a number of skilled, professional handymen that are able to perform anything around the house.

Furniture Assembly

– Are you sick and tired of ordering furniture that comes in a billion small pieces and being unable to put it together. Do not bother to struggle with the manual anymore. Our professional handymen will help you out with that. They have long experience with all kinds of furniture and will be able to put it together without even using the manual instructions. Save yourself the time and effort and let us take care of that for you. You will be able to enjoy your new furniture in no time. Book this service for any kind of furniture and let us help you.

Fit Blinds and Curtains

– Blinds and curtains are a big part of the interior of the house but also play a big role in safety and privacy. Picking the correct curtains or blinds, however, might not be enough. Fitting them perfectly will add the last stroke to the beautiful canvas of your home. Our handymen are able to do that in the best way possible. They are able to fit all kinds of blinds and use a variety of hanging options for your curtains. Do not hesitate and let them do wonders in your home.

Bath Fan Repair

– Vents and fans in our bathroom have a big role. They provide enough air flow and prevent moisture from being trapped. The malfunction of those can cause mould growth, unpleasant smells and even health issues. Our professionals can come fix your bathroom fan or even replace it with a new one. Rest assured they know what they are doing. They are very experienced and know how to handle an issue in the best way possible. Fans usually last no more than 10 years so if you are thinking about replacing your old one, feel free to call us.

All employees performing this service are highly experienced cleaning professionals. We provide them with thorough checklists that cover all areas of your home that require cleaning at the end of your tenancy, as well as with all tools, equipment and detergents they might need to provide optimum results.

Also, be sure that all employees in our company are extreme professionals. Here are some of the best qualities they bring along:

  • Experienced: All our cleaners arrive with a lot of experience and knowledge. From end of tenancy cleaning to carpet and upholstery cleaning, the technicians will have the know-how to make your place looking brand new. Along with their long experience the cleaners will bring all the tools required to get the job done. All you have to do is give us some details on the job in hand and a member of our team will arrive and do it in no time.
  • Skilled and Capable: We ensure that all our cleaning technicians are rated and reviewed by previous customers. The different jobs around a house require a different approach so all our employees specialise in different areas of the cleaning service. Whenever you give us some information about your particular situation, we will make sure to send the right person for it.
  • Reliable: You want to be able to trust the cleaner that will be working on your house. We make sure all of them are fully qualified, reliable and punctual. You can be sure that they will arrive on time and do the job quickly and efficiently. Rest assured they will provide the best possible results without causing any damage to your property.
  • Flexible: Doing all kinds of jobs has made our cleaners quite adaptable. It is hard to know all the details around a particular job, so it is convenient that the person performing the service will be able to help you, no matter what. All our cleaning technicians’ skills will suit your needs as well as your budget.

For this purpose they rely on special detergents that are designed to ensure the high level of hygiene in the premises. The staff will also clean and wipe all of the floors and will remove all the particles and dirt that have been left. To be sure that your property will be even cleaner than you have expected you may want to combine our end of tenancy cleaning with carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, upholstery cleaning, home cleaning or one off cleaning.

The stains and spillages will also be effectively removed in a fast and secure way. Cleaning of other surfaces is also a procedure that will be performed in an immaculate way. The company will offer suitable working schedules for the customers and very fast, but perfect implementation of the end of tenancy cleaning. The service is performed at the whole London territory and the workers can come both during the week and the weekends. In addition to this the customers could be informed through the call centers and learn more about the end of tenancy cleaning.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What do I have to do to prepare my property for the service??
      It is required that all your belongings should be removed from the premises. That way our cleaners will be able to reach all areas that need to be cleaned. Another thing is turning off your refrigerator and freezer at least 24hours prior to the service. They will be able to defrost and our cleaners will be able to cover them as well.
    • Do I have to be there during the cleaning session?
      No, we only need access to the premises.
    • Do I have to provide any tools or equipment?
      No, all cleaning technicians come fully equipped with everything needed.
    • Do you guarantee that I will receive my deposit back?
      Yes, we cover all standards required for the end of tenancy cleaning.

    Jesse P: “My landlord was very satisfied with the condition of his property. I received my deposit back and am now enjoying my new place. Thank you for your help, I will recommend you to all my friends.”

    Martina: “Very professional team, covered all parts of the apartment i was leaving. The guys were very thorough in their work. i would not be able to reach such perfect results by myself. Absolutely worth it!”

    E-mail us at info@homemates.co.uk or simply call us on 020 3745 4377 and our customer care team will gladly explain you even the smallest details about our cleaning services.