Barbecue Cleaning

barbecue CleaningApart from being unhygienic, the fat, carbon and grease, left on the barbecue make the food smells bad. Let an experienced cleaning technician make it look like a brand new one in the blink of an eye. The ideally cleaned barbecue prevents corrosion and carcinogens, which would otherwise be transferred to your food.

Our barbecue cleaning solution is only one of the professional cleaning services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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Our Cleaning Experts

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The BBQ cleaning service consists of several steps taken in a consecutive order and aimed at removing all the dirt:

  • pre – inspection of the barbecue
  • removing the racks
  • thorough cleaning with appropriate supplies
  • reassembling the barbecue
  • polishing
  • checking if it is working

Before starting the cleaning procedure the barbecue will be inspected by a skilful cleaning technician so any potential troubles will be prevented. During the pre- inspection, the cleaning experts will be able to tell which is the best cleaning method, depending on the condition and the material your barbecue is made of. The burners, thermometer, pressure regulator, igniters, venturi plates will be carefully checked. It is a well known fact that the heat makes the grease removal procedure easier to if possible, your BBQ will be turned on so better results are achieved.

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    BBQ Cleaning Services

    The removable parts will be taken out and every detail will be paid a considerable attention to and treated with efficient detergents. This includes a deep cleaning of the grill racks, the flavorizer bars and the heat plates. The hood, pull – out tray, drip plans, control knobs will be degreased. The usage of decent tools and detergents is a must for achieving the ideal cleanliness. The skilful cleaning experts will use eco – friendly products and appropriate equipment so you shouldn’t fear any scratching or damages.

    If applicable, the barbecue parts will be polished.
    Once the barbecue cleaning service is carried out, all the parts that have been removed will be put back in place and the appliance will be checked if it is working properly.
    And last but not least, the customer will be asked to share their opinion about the quality of the cleaning procedure performed.