After Builders Cleaning

after-builders-cleaningAfter some renovation or large or small construction work, usually there is a lot of mess. Our builders cleaning services provide removal of garbage and all kinds of stains, debris and leftovers after new installations and home improvements. Our cleaning staff can cope with permanently removing of all stains, paint splatters, fingerprints. They will eliminate the plaster and dirty marks from all kinds of surfaces in your property.

Our after builders cleaning service is only one of the professional cleaning services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

E-mail us at or call us on 020 3745 4377 and our customer care team will gladly explain you even the smallest details about our cleaning services.

Our Cleaning Experts

works for the company for 4 years. Vlado is a successful leader who always aspires to improve the service performed by his team.


has helped to more than 2,000 Customers to save time and make sure that their houses are sparkling and perfectly cleaned.


covers Professional Window Cleaning for more than 2 years. He has helped to numerous Customers to get their windows cleaned.


is one of the most sought out in the company, as he is specialised in Professional Upholstery Cleaning.

The builders cleaning our company provides includes:

  • Removing of rubbish after construction
  • Cleaning walls, ceilings and windows from splatters, stains and dirt
  • Steam cleaning where necessary
  • Removing all kinds of debris, building wastes and garbage
  • Professional cleaning of carpets, hardwood floors, upholstered furniture and anything else, which needs cleaning after construction or renovation work
  • Polishing light fixtures and removing labels from kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and different appliances
  • De-scaling of tiles
  • Cleaning all indoor rooms and outdoor space after construction or renovation

Our cleaning technicians will remove all the paint, cement and plaster from your hardwood floors, clean your window frames, doors, walls and appliances. They will scour and polish your sockets and switches, sanitize the bathroom and toilet tiles, bathroom appliances. Our cleaning staff will make sure all the dust, plaster, paint marks and dirt will be taken out of your rooms or outdoor area to a safe place for disposing. They will vacuum clean all floor coverings and upholstery and mop the hardwood floor.

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    Advanced Builders Cleaning Service

    Our builders cleaning services are available for both residential buildings and commercial properties. Our cleaning staff is supplied with the most advanced vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning machines, non-toxic detergents and cleaning preparations.

    They can polish, vacuum clean, steam clean and remove the rubbish from your bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, toilets, bedrooms, stairs and hallways.

    What is included in our After Builders Cleaning

    Kitchen, bedroom and other living areas

    • Remove industrial dust, waste and dirt from surfaces
    • Remove stubborn stains
    • Wash mirrors and windows
    • Vacuum carpets and floors
    • Mop floors
    • Clean appliances
    • Clean sinks and taps
    • Empty trash bins
    • Clean behind and under appliances and furniture


    • Remove industrial dust, waste and dirt from surfaces
    • Sanitise and disinfect toilet, shower, bathtub
    • Clean behind and around the toilet
    • Wash mirrors and windows
    • Vacuum area rugs and floors
    • Mop floors
    • Empty trash bins

    Your home or commercial property will be spotless and looking like new, after our professional after builders cleaning staff remove all the debris, construction wastes, plaster, cement and dust. Your indoor area will be polished and thoroughly cleaned and ready to be used after we sanitize it.

    Even your outdoor space will be well sanitized after some extension, conversion or building project.


    Thanks to your company and your after builders cleaning service, now our home is looking at its best. Not a single trace from the renovation project. Thanks for the help.

    Thank you so much! Your after builders cleaning service is the best I have ever used. The cleaning sessions are so thorough and efficient. What is more, your housekeepers never compromise on quality.

    The most professional, yet affordable after builders cleaning services in the area. The housekeepers are the kindest people I have ever met and they definitely know how to transform a renovated property.

    Thanks to your company now we can enjoy the changes we have made in our home. Your cleaners delivered a very professional after builders cleaning service and now all traces from the renovation project are gone.

    Once the builders are done with the renovation project you will need your house to be pristine again. Our company have the needed expertise to bring any house or flat to their sparkling best, leaving no traces behind.

    Our teams are composed of diligent cleaners who are able to removing absolutely everything from industrial dust to paint splatters. The firm takes pride in the modern equipment we have invested in and the cutting-edge technology we use. This ensures no traces of the waste!

    We are based in London where you can reach us any day of the week. Get in touch with us so that our call centre representative can introduce you to our service. In case you have some specific requirements or instructions you would like us to follow, do not hesitate to share them with us.

    We are going to do everything within our power to leave you satisfied with the outcome. It is the reason why we have set economical pricing system, too.

    Call us now so that we can provide you with a free quote ahead of booking. We assure you that you will not find better after builders cleaning services in and around London.