Sideboard Assembly

Sideboard AssemblyYou can have your kitchen or other sideboard assembled properly without a problem if you use our services. From unpacking all the parts of your sideboard to putting them together, our technicians will do the needed work to make your sideboard ready to be used.

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    Sideboard Assembly from HomeMates

    The sideboard assembly that we provide include these tasks:
    • consulting with your instructions book and sketches to do the assembly properly according to your type of sideboard
    • connecting the boards and matching them together to install the bigger drawers of the sideboard
    • using a screwdriver, bolts, nails and a hammer assembling of the smaller parts of drawers to form the ready boxes
    • mounting the main supporting part, connecting all sided steady to each other with the proper nails and bolts
    • tucking the main slat with the other laths to form the bases of the sideboard
    • placing the handles of all the drawers and cupboards of the sideboard on the right places and fixing them steadily
    • hammering all the bolts in the holes to make every structure of the sideboard immovable and fixed really well
    • positioning the legs of the sideboard and making them steady on their places according to the instructions
    • fixing of all the parts together and making them well glued, hammered and tuck to each other
    • attaching properly the doors of the sideboard with the hinges, nails and bolts screwed in and hammered
    • testing the ready product in the final stage of the sideboard assembly to see if it is properly mounted
    • searching for imperfections and defects on the parts and contacting you if there are any

    After doing the assembly of your sideboard our technicians will clean the place from all the used tools and materials or wastes left from the process. Your sideboard will be tested and checked in the last phase of the installation to see if everything is functioning properly.