Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioner RepairAir-conditioners aren’t easy to be repaired and mended when they cease to work properly. In such cases you need professional consultation and repair. Excessively used or broken parts from your air-conditioner, the lack of proper or no maintenance at all, frozen air-conditioner and many other reasons can cause malfunctions in your air-conditioner. If it makes noisy sounds while used, has rotten insulation, sinking air-conditioner pad or water around its furnace, our technicians can do the necessary repairs.

The air conditioner repair service we offer is part of the appliances repair services which HomeMates offers in all London districts.

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    Air Conditioner Repair from HomeMates

    Our air-conditioner repair includes:

    • Testing to determine if the problems come from the furnace
    • Testing of the fuses in the disconnect block
    • Close inspection inside the access panel
    • Replacing of the run/start capacitors, if necessary
    • Replacing of the contactor, if necessary
    • Swapping out the fan motor if necessary
    • Final testing of the made repairs

    After shutting off the power, our technician will start the needed inspection of your air-conditioner to understand the reason for its malfunctions. They will test the main inside components of your air-conditioner and make their conclusions. According to the results they will do the proper repairs or replacing of some parts. They will check closely all parts in the access panel. All broken parts, wires and damaged insulation will be replaced with new, after discharging the capacitor.

    All capacitors, which are worn out, degraded and work slower, need to be replaced. Our engineers will safely discharge, disconnect and remove the old capacitor and apply a new one in its place. Most air-conditioner problems are as a result of the need to replace the contactor. Contactors need to be replaced every five years, even when working normally. Our engineers will do this safely and properly.

    After checking the fan motor and if it turns out to be shot, our technicians will safely take it out and replace it with a new. The new fan motor will be securely mounted in your air-conditioner. In the final stage of the repair, your air-conditioner will be checked and tested for functioning properly. All malfunctions will be eliminated so that you can use your air-conditioner every time you need it.