Cooker Repair

cooker-repairWe at HomeMates offer professional cooker repair services for all major brands and we guarantee efficiency and low prices. There are too many factors that can cause your cooker stop working. However, we can promptly fix any existing problem and prevent issues in future. There is nothing special you have to do apart from contacting us.

The cooker repair service we offer is part of the appliances repair services which HomeMates offers in all London districts.

Get a free quote or arrange inspection of the broken or defective appliance at or call us on 020 3745 4377.

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    Here are some of the main problems we are capable of diagnosing and repairing:

    • the burners don’t get hot
    • the burners don’t turn off
    • there is something wrong with the digital controls
    • there is a visible crack on the ceramic glass
    • the flame goes out if the burner is set to low
    • the cooker doesn’t turn on at all
    • it looks like the burners don’t get hot as quickly as they used to
    • when the cooker is set to high temperature flames shoot out
    • damaged knobs
    • the flame is bigger or smaller than usual
    • the timer is broken
    • turning on the cooker makes the fuses blow
    • there is a code displayed on the range digital panel
    • the burners work sporadically
    • unusual noises

    We guarantee that we are absolutely prepared to repair your cooker by checking and replacing the following elements:

    • broiler
    • burner temperature control
    • convection fan and motor
    • clock
    • cooker selector control
    • gasket
    • power cord
    • thermometer bulb
    • temperature calibration
    • cooker selector control
    • door latch

    Your cooker repair service will be carried out quickly not only because of the dexterity of our technicians but also because of the design of the contemporary appliances. Their disassembling is fairly simple. The reason for the damages may be due to inappropriate installation or a manufacturer who use poor quality elements. Whatever the reason is, you can rely on us to solve your issue and charge you a fair price for that. Our technicians will come at a convenient to you day and they will call once again when they are at your front door.