Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker RepairOur services include professional ice-maker repairs on affordable price. Our technicians can cope with fixing different malfunctions in all types and models of ice-maker machines. If your ice-maker is not making ice or the dispenser area in it tends to gather frost, our ice-maker repair specialists will solve these problems. Our ice-maker repairs are available for domestic and commercial clients.

Whether your ice-maker is part of your refrigerator, freezer or a separate unit, our technicians will take care of it. They will ensure a safe and professional reconditioning of your ice-maker, making it function properly again.

The ice maker repair service we offer is part of the appliances repair services which HomeMates offers in all London districts.

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    Ice Maker Repair

    Our ice-maker repair includes:

    • Close inspection of your ice-maker for diagnosing its problem
    • Testing of the control module and replacing it, if necessary
    • Inspecting of the ejector gear and replacing it, if needed
    • Testing of the ejector motor, holding switch and inlet switch and replacing any of them, if necessary
    • Inspecting of the fill cup
    • Testing of the ice moulding heater
    • Checking of the shut-off arm
    • Testing of the shut-off switch and inlet switch and replacing any of them if necessary
    • Close inspection of the supply line
    • Flushing of the supply line
    • Checking of the supply valve
    • Testing of the thermostat and water inlet valve

    Our ice-maker technicians are qualified and have the skills to safely and successfully do the necessary inspection, tests and repairs of your ice-maker. Trying to mend your malfunction in your ice-maker can be a risky and dangerous task, which may have irreversible consequences to your appliances. In cases, in which your ice-maker doesn’t make ice, won’t turn off or is frozen, our technicians can provide you the necessary ice- maker repairs.

    All leaking problems, malfunctions like clogged ice-maker, old or worn out parts, causing problems will be solved by our specialists. Using the necessary tools and having the skills and knowledge on different models and kinds of ice-makers, our technicians will save your time and fix all malfunction right away. If your ice-maker is part of your fridge or freezer, the problem may be coming from them. In such cases we can also provide professional assistance.