Vent Hood Repair

Vent Hood RepairWe are a company that offer vent hood repair performed in a really professional way. To troubleshoot an issue when it occurs, you can turn to our special team of technicians. Some of the vent hood problems that we currently deal with are the following:

  • problems with the vent hood lighting
  • problems with the downdraft vent
  • loud or noisy vent hood
  • problems with the vent hood motor hums
  • vent hood that does not vent outside
  • not functioning of the speed switch
  • problems with the ventilation
  • removing of vented hood fan

The vent hood repair service we offer is part of the appliances repair services which HomeMates offers in all London districts.

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    Vent Hood Repair from HomeMates

    Our technicians can manage with the change of halogen bulbs as well as with the change of fluorescent bulbs and starter. For the first ones, our technicians will turn the counter clockwise in order to remove the bulb. After that they will replace it with a suitable halogen bulb. As for the starter, in order to replace it, our technicians will remove the old starter by turning the counter clockwise.

    Apart from the following services that we offer we will also check whether your vent hood is ducted properly. The duct need to be smooth walled and we will enlarge the ducts for ensuring longer duct runs. Another thing that we will also check is whether your vent hood is situated at the appropriate height off the cooking surfaces. This is very essential moment, because the higher position of the vent hood will make it less effective. If that is the reason for the inefficiency of your vent hood, we will fix the position of the appliance.

    Finally If the hood is making scrapping or unpleasant noise, we will also take of that problem. As this may be caused by the blower wheel, we will unsnap the suitcase latches on the blower housing to check if the housing is correctly seated. If it is necessary we will also take up with the repositioning of the blower wheel. For the removing of the vented hood fans our technicians will remove the fasteners by providing support to the hood and they will leave the two fasteners at opposite ends of the hood in place.