Conservatory Construction

Conservatory ConstructionWe are a company that offers implementation of conservatory construction for your home. The designs that we can provide are diverse and they depend on the particular taste of the customer, however the typical features of the conservatories include:

  • porticos
  • bay fronts
  • stained glass
  • roof lanterns

The elements that are included are more traditional in order to re product an old style home but there are also modern designs of conservatories, made for the residences.

Our conservatory construction service is only one of the professional building services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    Usually the main material that is used for the main structure of the conservatory is aluminium, steel or timber or it is also possible to combine some of these materials, depending on the maintenance and on the requirements.

    Conservatory Construction Services From HomeMates

    As for the floors they may be made from timber or tiles and the doors of the conservatory can be bifold, sliding doors or French ones. The glazing systems, for maximum security are also available. The company also offers insect screens for more intensive care of your conservatory. When choosing the glass, you can pick up frosted or coloured glasses.

    The windows of the conservatory could be double glazing, Low-E glass and you have the option of choosing between manual or motorized ones. The company also provides very suitable cooling and heating systems for the conservatories and the customers can order glass roof blinds that are effective to retain the sunlight in the Summer and to capture the heat in the Winter.

    Thanks to these thermal blinds the temperature of the conservatory can be regulated. The material of the blinds consists of polyester with fungicide which ensures their durability. The conservatories that are designed by our company can meet different budgets and tastes due to the diversity of materials, options for glazing and other alternatives.

    As the conservations are used for many purposes they are the practical complement of any style or home. This extra space can be used during the whole year and through our company you can make an appropriate project for the most convenient conservatory.