Patio Construction

patio-constructionNeedless to say, patio can add extra charm to your backyard and be the best place for spending your free time. However, the patio construction project is not as easy as someone may think. Actually, it requires the usage of proper materials so you can enjoy your patio year after year and a lot of determination and patience for completing the construction. You can unconditionally rely on our help whenever it comes to efficient and high quality projects.

Our patio construction service is only one of the professional building services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    The patio construction itself consists of several steps that ensure the excellent outcome. Arrange our experienced associates and let them do the job for you. In order to get a stable and aesthetic patio, the following procedures have to be performed:

    • preparation of the site
    • compact subgrade
    • geotextile laying
    • base material spreading
    • edge restraints
    • bedding sand
    • paving
    • joint material
    • sealing

    Entrust our professionals with your patio project and the preparation of the site. They will start with removing all the plants and excavating down to the depth needed for creating a stable construction.

    Then, the compaction rate in the soil will be achieved by the usage of special equipment and any further troubles in future will be avoided.

    The geotextile is a special material that prevents over saturation. As it is not obligatory to use it, our technicians will give you a piece of advice is it really necessary to lay it or you can pass.

    The next step is spreading the base material – coarse sand or fine gravel is recommended otherwise you might have issues with the paving later.
    The edge restraints are essential for building a patio that remains stable during the years.

    Our professionals will take care of the bedding sand laying, which is intended to ensure the drainage of your patio.

    The paving will be installed in accordance to the customers preferences.

    Next, mortar or send will be used for filling the joints in the pavement and the colour of your paving will be sealed with a penetrating acrylic sealer for at least a few years.