Exterior Painting

exterior_paintingThe paint that is udsed for exterior painting is formulated with additives and binders to resist weather conditions like wind, sunlight, rain. When you assign a professional to paint your home’s facade, he or she is supposed to know that and buy the best products possible.

Another important factor is the property’s facade. If the surfaces are textured, the paint has to be chosen very carefully, whereas if they are flat, standard outdoor paint will do.

Furthermore, there are areas of the house that are constantly exposed to moisture. In that case, an expert has to consider buying a mould-resistant paint. This type of paint usually contains fungicide, apart from the other ingredients included.

Our exterior painting service is only one of the professional decorating services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.
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    So why is it important that you hire a professional decorator to provide exterior painting? Mostly because this is an investment that is likely to pay off for years. So if you want to have a facade whose colours last a long time, it has to be high-quality and it has to be applied properly.
    Our company’s staff is competent enough, so you can rely on us to help you with this procedure.

    Exterior Painting Services from HomeMates

    • Before our workers start panting, they need to hand wash or power wash all areas to be painted
    • All gaps and holes are caulked; loose paint is sanded and scraped
    • Paint is applied

    The first step is carried out to remove mildew and dirt from the surface. If holes are not caulked, moisture may enter the premises.
    Our workers bring all the tools and materials they need. Our company is equipped with all the necessary stuff, from ladders to paints.
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