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Home DecoratingIf you want to have your home painted you can use our home decorating services. Before starting to paint our home decorating specialists will do some preparation work.
It includes:

  • cleaning the surface of your house
  • removing the old defective paint from all sides
  • do all the needed repairs
  • estimate the quantity of the necessary paint
  • priming the surfaces, which are to be painted for permanent results
  • choosing the most appropriate paint – in most cases acrylic latex
  • mixing the paint to receive an even colour

Our home decorating service is only one of the professional painting and decorating services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

Arrange professional viewing by sending us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk or by giving us a phone call on
020 3745 4377.

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    Home Decorating from HomeMates

    Our home decorators use brushes, paint scrapers and electric paint removers to do the work properly. They remove successfully mould, mildew and corrosion, scraping it and repaint the window frames, which have crumbling chalk that needs repainting.

    After the preparation work is completed starts the real painting. First our home decorating specialists will choose the most appropriate painting tool for each task. It may be needed a different paint application devices for different purposes:

    • a brush
    • a roller
    • a paint sprayer
    • the spray and back-roll technique, which is a fast and successful method, done by two people

    After picking the proper painting application tool, our home decorators will paint the sidings, starting from the top and moving towards the bottom of your house surfaces, with the help of ladders.

    After applying one layer of paint they will wait the recommended time for the paint to dry and cover the painted surfaces with a second layer. This will guarantee a professional and permanent results, as well as make the colours you have chosen more bright and gaudy. The last step of the home decorating process is painting the sills and edges. After covering the sidings with paint, our decorators will look after the trims.

    They use brushes for the job and smaller rollers for window ledges. Before painting the window sills they will protect the glasses of the window, covering them with the proper protection shields.