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Office DecoratingOur office decorating service includes choosing the most appropriate colours for your office, which will make you productive and successful at work. Your workplace will be professionally decorated after our technicians take care of the walls and ceiling, painting or repainting them with the most suitable colours.

Our office decorating service is only one of the professional painting and decorating services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    Office Decorating from HomeMates

    There are some phases in the office painting work. They include:

    • removing of all office furniture, which will be an obstacle and prevent our decorators to do their work properly
    • covering the floor and all objects left in the room with cloths and scotch tapes on the rims for protection against paint splatters and stains
    • choosing the most appropriate brushes, rollers and other tools for painting
    • removing of the old paint from the walls and ceilings, if there is such, using scrapers
    • cleaning the surface of the walls and ceilings from mould, mildew, dirt and some deposits with the help of water, sponges and the proper detergents
    • letting the wall and ceiling surfaces cleaned with wet products, dry out
    • filling the holes in the walls and ceilings with the proper material to make it even and smooth before covering with paint
    • vacuum cleaning of the place and the surfaces, which are going to be painted
    • applying one layer of paint to your office walls and ceilings, letting it dry and covering with another layer after the first had dried out
    • applying of primer in the final phase of the decorating, if applicable, to receive the proper sealing of the paint and long term results of the painting
    • cleaning the office after the painting is completed and bringing back its furniture

    Our office decorating service includes also a professional consultation about the colours and patterns, appropriate for your office. Usually self-coloured design, stripes and textures are advisable for offices.

    According to the size of your office, its furniture and overall style, our office decorating consultants will recommend you what are the colours and patterns, which will most suit your interior. For example smaller offices require lighter colours, which make them seem wider, while larger office rooms can afford to be painted in darker tones. You can have professional office decorating service if you use our help.