Chandelier Installation

Chandelier InstallationInstalling a chandelier can make a big statement, improving the overall look of the whole place and adding a nice touch to the interior. Even if it may seem like an easy thing to do, chandelier installation is not actually that simple, considering the essential details in the process that have to be taken into account. It requires attention and accuracy, both of which are important in order to cope with the task.

Also, working with electricity is involved in the process, which means that at least some knowledge is needed. It is recommended to use the help of a professional to have your chandelier installed properly.

A real expert can complete the task without a problem and avoid any kind of issue that might occur. Our company has been providing clients in the area of London and its surroundings with professional chandeliers installation services for long enough to guarantee excellence in the work.

Our chandelier installation service is only one of the professional electrical services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    The service includes completion of tasks, such as:

    • Removing an old chandelier
    • Replacing of junction box
    • Wiring the chandelier
    • Placing it

    Our company works with professional tools and equipment. Together with the skills of our professionals, the work can be done effortlessly. It is important for the process of installing a chandelier to be aware of certain things, such as using the right tools, being careful when removing the old chandelier and also carefully wiring the new one in the same way the old one was wired. Wires have to be marked with tape for reference, so that the chandelier can be placed correctly in the right place.

    Another reason to use professional help is the fact that an expert can determine if the junction box is strong enough to endure the weight of the new chandelier. If not, it should be removed and replaced. The distance between the chandelier and the object below, such as a table, has to be considered as well, as an expert can estimate what space is needed. If the client wants, they might also have their light switches reinstalled and replaced with dimmers for more convenience.