Carpet Tiling

Carpet Tiling ServicesCarpet tiling is the process of installing square pieces of carpeting on the floor. Carpet tiles were designed over fifty years ago and are still used as a great alternative to traditional carpets. Carpet tiles are mainly used in domestic properties but can be installed anywhere instead of a carpet. In the past years, this method has gained even more popularity for the fact that carpet tiles come with a big number of advantages, such as:

  • Convenience
  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed on different types of floor surface
  • Can be removed and installed again
  • Big choice of carpet tiles
  • Easy maintenance

Our carpet tiling service is only one of the professional flooring services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    These days, customers are given the possibility to choose among a variety of styles, colours and types of carpet tiling. The use of carpet tiles has become so widely known, that many people consider them the best option and have them installed at home.

    Professional Carpet Tiling Services

    Using professional carpet tiling services is the best way to achieve perfect results and quickly enjoy a great carpeted floor. Our company has been offering this type of service for several years and has been helping clients have their carpet tiles installed professionally and effectively. When order our carpet tiling service, we send a team of carpeting experts, who arrive to your place at the appointed time and carry out the process with ease. Our clients have the opportunity to choose among a range of designs that can easily fit the interior of every room.

    One of the best advantages of carpet tiles is their mobility. If a client wants to move out, the carpet tiling can be deinstalled and reinstalled in another place. Also, if part of the carpeting is heavily stained and can’t be cleaned completely, it’s very easy to have the affected segment replaced with a new one and have an incredibly clean carpeting in no time. This is also a much more cost-effective option, which avoids the necessity to remove the whole carpet. Our professionals can help you choose the type of carpet tiling that suits your home and wished best and then install it for you.