Wood Flooring Installation

Wood Flooring InstallationThe wood flooring installation we provide is done according to each customer’s requirements and preferences. Our services include a number of tasks done to provide the professional wood flooring installation you want.

Our wood flooring installation service is only one of the professional flooring services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    Wood Flooring Installation from HomeMates

    The process of installing wood floor includes these stages:

    • choosing the type of wood you want and professional consultation about it: solid hardwood, engineered wood/composite wood or other
    • preparing for the installation: removing the base boards from the floor, preparation of the subfloor, laying the hardwood planks for 72 hours in the room to acclimatise
    • placing the guidelines
    • placing the first boards, nailing the wooden boards to the subfloor with hammers in the right places
    • locking each three rows of boards together so that they are tight by nailing them to the subfloor
    • measure the size of your floor and cutting the boards so that they fit to their places
    • using a flooring nailer, applying rows of boards
    • cutting the final board with circular or saw, if necessary to fit in well in the floor space
    • fitting well the last board with the help of a crowbar
    • add some kind of moulding or baseboard trim to make a good contact between the floor and walls on the borders of your wood flooring: the baseboard type depends on the room design and the customer’s preferences
    • adding transitions and trims, where necessary, especially in the place where your new wooden flooring contacts with the door or other flooring in the same rooms, cutting and installing them properly, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
    • filling all holes in your new flooring with the proper wood putty in the same colour as your floor wooden boards

    After preparing your subfloor, our wood flooring installation team will check the boards for defects. Using solid hardwood planks,transitions and mouldings, wood putty, pneumatic flooring nailer, drills, drill bits, hammers, nails, circular saw, saw or table saw, pry bar, spacers, a tape measure, knife and other instruments, they will do the necessary measures and wood flooring installation.