Dishwasher Installation

dishwasher installationWe offer you professional installation of dishwashers, thanks to our team of workers that are very experienced in that field. The steps of our working process consist in:

  • creating a hole for ensuring the supply and discharge
  • connection of the lines
  • installation of the drain line
  • hooking up of the power

Our dishwasher installation is only one of the professional plumbing services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    Installation Process

    Our workers will firstly measure the location to cut a hole in the wall of the sink cabinet because the power cord will be connected to this hole. The next thing that they will do is to cut a hole in the cabinet wall by using a power drill and hole saw. After that we will take up with the supply line and power cord as well as with the drain tubing. We will slide the dishwasher and level it in an appropriate way. Then the workers will tighten the lock nuts and they will align the mounting brackets for the dishwasher. We will connect the tubing and then we will put the compression ring over the end.

    The next step consists in the installing of the drain line. We will connect the drain line to the dishwasher by using hose clamps and we will measure the hose and cut it to appropriate length so that it could connect with another hose clamp. The next thing that our workers will do is to take up with hooking up of the power. They will match the wires and they will connect them with wire nuts. Then they will plug the power supply cord into an electrical outlet that is installed under the sink.

    Finally they will make a test that will include the running of the dishwasher to ensure that it works in a precise way. Apart from this we will check for leaks and if everything is fine we will put the machine into the cabinet and we promise to be very careful not to damage the pipes. The dishwashing installation can be performed as soon as the customers decide to contact someone from our staff.