Shower Tap Repair

replace-shower-tapOur profession plumbing team had repaired all models of shower taps. We have coped with different shower tap repairs. Our plumbers have encountered different types of defective or damages bathroom shower taps.

The shower tap repair we provide includes:

  • Electric shower tap repair
  • Thermostatic shower tap repair
  • Power shower tap repair
  • Mixer shower tap repair

Our shower tap repair service is only one of the professional plumbing services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    The shower taps usually start to drip when some of their inner parts wear down and need replacing with new. Another problem which may cause not proper functioning of your shower tap is not maintained water pressure of your plumbing system. Maintaining a well regulated water pressure in your plumbing system is very important. If you don’t regulate your water pressure, your plumbing system will suffer from exaggerated water pressure, which will lead to forcing, speeding up and destroying of the internal valve parts of your shower. Apart form water pressure, another reason for leaking shower taps is the amortization of the parts, which is inevitable over the time.

    Our shower tap repair service includes:

    • Inspection of toy shower tap to diagnose the reason for the leak or other shower tap problem
    • Replacing of different worn out shower parts
    • Test the repaired shower taps for proper functioning

    Our reliable plumbers can manage with any shower tap repair. They can cope with traditional, as well as modern shower taps. Without any difference what is the brand, model or style of your not functioning shower tap, we can repair it. After finding and applying the necessary parts, your shower tap will function again.

    Electric showers are very flexible, because they don’t depend on the position of the main tank. They are inexpensive and easy to be fitted. Thermostatic shower taps are used for conventional, mains-fed showers. They can create problems. Sometimes with one flush of the tap to better adjust the water, you can find yourself under a flood of extremely freezing or scalding water. Thermostatic mixer shower taps let you determine in advance the temperature you need to take a shower with. It also gives you the opportunity to maintain this temperature anywhere in your house.

    Our plumbers can repair all models of showers taps and always come on our customers’ address, bringing all necessary parts a shower tap may need replacing. This way you will receive fast and qualitative service every time.