Toilet Repair

Toilet RepairA toilet is an essential part of a household and in spite of the fact that it is a comparatively reliable fixture among other elements related to the plumbing system, is it not impossible to face problems with it.

There are several types of problems that can occur when it comes to toilets, which usually require professional assistance. Using toilet repair services is the most adequate option a person has in order to fix any type of problem with the toilet.

Some of the issues that could appear are:

  • Clogging
  • Strange noises coming from the tank
  • Broken toilet seat
  • Leaks
  • Problems with the ballcock assembly
  • Toilet needs to be replaced
  • Flapper or flange need to be fixed
  • Gasket has to be replaced
  • Flush valve does not work

Our toilet repair is only one of the professional plumbing services offered by HomeMates in London and Greater London.

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    Toilet Repair from HomeMates

    Having a functional toilet is way too important. Therefore, toilet repair is a process that can’t wait. It’s best done by professionals, who can easily determine the issue and cope with it in the most accurate way. No matter the complexity of your issue, it is important to hire a plumbing expert and have the problem dealt with as soon as possible. Our employees are reliable and have many years of experience, repairing all kinds of toilet problems.

    If you are not sure what the problem is, but you notice there is something wrong with the performance of your toilet, you can call us and we will send a team of plumbers, who will examine your toilet, find the fault and fix it. They are skilful and use the latest equipment, which helps them to carry out their duties effectively and professionally.

    The toilet repair process will be carried out in a few steps:

    • Our technicians arrive to your place
    • They inspect the area and find the fault
    • The problem is dealt with accordingly
    • The toilet is tested to make sure it works properly

    You can hire our toilet repair services any day of the week. Call us and we will make an appointment according to your schedule.