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Your home can be improved and refreshed by the technicians in this company to be comfortable and cosy enough for your family. They can do the installations and repairs you need in your real estate which will make it more attractive for all potential customers. Use our services for your home or property which you intend to sell or rent out. Whether you want to renovate your home or refresh it by replacing the wallpapers, plaster or repaint the walls and ceilings, our staff can do the renovations you need. Order your home refurbishment using our services which are available in Holloway, N7 every day.

Give us a call now on 020 3745 4377 or send us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk with your enquiry or to arrange a viewing.

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    Home Refurbishment in Holloway from HomeMates

    Home Refurbishment

    There are moments when you need to refurbish the house – either it is old enough and the plumbing and electrical installation needs urgent update, either you have bought it just now and you want to make it look like you dreamed of. No matter what are your reasons, in refurbishment for Holloway, N7, London, our company can be useful in lots of ways.

    As a refurbishment company we have a team of different specialists in different areas – thus we can answer all you needs – from the architectural needs, design needs, up to decorating and plumbing and electrical installations – all you need in one company. Call us!

    House Renovation in Holloway


    The rooms in your home can be insulated, redecorated, plastered and painted by the technicians who work in this company. They have implemented plenty of home refurbishment projects and can cope with small or large, simple or more complicated kinds of home refurbishment, provided in Holloway, N7. Give us a call to arrange a date and time for your renovation to be done. We can offer you plastering of your walls and ceilings, home insulation, painting and decorating your rooms, loft and basement conversion, floor fitting and repair, re-roofing and roof repair. Schedule your home refurbishment to be done at a convenient day and time.

    Property Refurbishment in Holloway, N7

    House Refurbishment

    Leave the renovations to the professionals from our company and pretty soon you will have a home which looks great. Our agency won’t disappoint you because we have the best specialists in the city of London and very competitive prices. In case you want to repaint a certain part of your home or you want to do more serious renovations, you can contact us right away. For every step of the process will take care our hard-working specialists who are well-known experts when it comes to home refurbishment in Holloway, N7 and the rest of London. Call our employees and change the look of your home.