Basement Conversions

basement conversionConverting your basement into a nice and cosy room can be a very beneficial house improvement. The transformation will happen quickly and easy with the assistance of HomeMates’ professional builders and the specialized services of our company. This area of your house will be turned into a habitable place through a couple of simple improvements and reconstructions which our competent builders will perform. They can bring in all the necessary changes and repairs in your basement so that it can become the comfortable room you’ve wanted.

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from £5000
from £1000
from £4000
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The prices can vary greatly depending on the size of the property and materials used. We strongly recommend to fill in the form or call us for a free quote.
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    We are also able to provide loft conversions, house extensions and kitchen fitting. All our services have 100% quality guarantee and you can be sure that your standards and expectations will be met!

    • Constructing a new basements – As part of the basement conversion services, our agency also can perform a construction of a whole basement area, according to the building regulations and the desire of the customer.
    • Floor procedures – In this category is included the reducing of the level of the floor in order to be enlarged the size of the basement. The flooring of the place is also part of the procedures we offer and for the purpose can be used various kinds of materials like laminate, wood, ceramic tiles and others.
    • Waterproofing – This is an essential and absolutely necessary procedure for your new space which our builders can execute. They will use the most resistant cavity membranes and other strong material to waterproof the walls and the other parts of your basement, so that it is protected against leaks and consequently of the appearance of dampness.
    • Installations – For the proper installation of the windows, the heating, electric and plumbing systems, along with the ventilation in your basement will take care our experienced employees. In case the systems in your house are too old to handle the additional loading for the needs of your basement, our employees will do the necessary changes and improvements for the safe usage of the converted space.