House Extension Marylebone, W1

Home ExtensionExtend your house in Marylebone, W1 with the help of HomeMates! We provide professional house extensions in order to increase the living space of your home.

We are a company which offers great house extension in Marylebone, W1. With our help you can expand the limits of your household with the rooms you have always dreamed of.

We have many specialists in all the areas required to complete the extension of your house

Home Extensions in Marylebone from HomeMates

Our well trained workers perform a wide arrangement of services such as:
  • Construction procedures
  • Painting and decorating
  • Mounting of floors
  • Plumbing and drain systems
  • Heating systems
  • Electricity installations
  • Lighting systems

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Building Services Prices
Loft ConversionsHouse ExtensionsKitchen FittingBasement Conversions
from £8000
from £5000
from £1000
from £4000
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The prices can vary greatly depending on the size of the property and materials used. We strongly recommend to fill in the form or call us for a free quote.
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    Here is a list of all the services we provide in Marylebone

    Do you need an extra room or two, to give more comfort to your family life? With the growing number of family members the living space of your house gets insufficient to provide enough room for all of your beloved ones. Buying a new property is very expensive and risky venture. There is a clever way to keep your favourite house and also to get the space required to satisfy your needs.

    Home Extensions Marylebone, W1

    We deliver great house extension because we always put the clients’ demands first. In every extension job, our workers throw one hundred percent of their skills and knowledge to give you exactly what you want. Our work is in respect of the location of your current rooms and the home improvement requirements. There are numerous households that have used our help and till the very moment we haven’t received any negative feedback. Therefore, you can trust the job to us and when we have finished all the procedures, you will have your new rooms ready for accommodation.

    As you can see, you shouldn’t worry about anything because our service delivers a full complex of procedures which are received from the same reliable provider. We use smart construction materials and technologies, so the time required to reach the final result is brought to minimum. Our workers make excellent heating, plumbing, electricity and lighting installations under the standard requirements for safety. All of our services are executed under the legal building regulations and we check all the possible extension plans to find what would be best for your home.

    If you want to add an extra room to your house, make a phone call at our helpful support centre. Our company provides great house extension in Marylebone, W1, so feel free to take advantage of our services. In order to make a service appointment with us, you will have to give us your details via phone or e-mail.