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To improve the condition of your domestic or business estate you can use our building services. They include repair of damaged pavements, patios, mounting ceilings and walls, building outdoor constructions, all kinds of loft and basement conversion and others. Our company offers excellent fitting of kitchen and bathroom appliances, furniture and flooring. The building engineers in our company will create the design of the new construction according to the customer’s preferences. They will illustrate the conversion, extension or construction with computer graphics. Use our reliable and affordable building services to make your residential or commercial estate, located in Mill Hill, NW7, more pricey and luxurious.

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Building Services Prices
Loft ConversionsHouse ExtensionsKitchen FittingBasement Conversions
from £8000
from £5000
from £1000
from £4000
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The prices can vary greatly depending on the size of the property and materials used. We strongly recommend to fill in the form or call us for a free quote.
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    Builders in Mill Hill from HomeMates

    Roofing Building Services

    When you need professional building services which are not expensive and which give excellent results after all, you can give to our agency HomeMates a ring. We are a trustworthy company which can turn your home into the place of your dreams. In case you want to expand your place and make it more comfortable and inviting, you can count on our professional builders. They will take care of the planning and of the renovation of your home, so just leave everything to them. You can meet with our experts and discuss all details, as well as book a building service, in our headquarters in Mill Hill, NW7.

    Construction and Renovation in Mill Hill


    If you want to receive high quality building services, implemented in a completely professional way, contact our experienced company that is situated in Mill Hill, NW7. You can be sure that our reliable builders can handle with every task, included in the buildings services. We are ready to take up with the realization of your building project by using modern approaches and the latest equipment of tools and machines. Benefit from our exceptional offers and learn more about all the building services that we offer through our great customer support centres. We promise to find customized decisions for the best design of your building. Make the right choice and trust our motivated and committed builders.

    Building from A to Z in Mill Hill, NW7

    Building Paper Plan

    To make the renovations, improvements, repairs and new constructions which you need, rely on the builders and engineers in our company. They will take the requirements of the customer into consideration and implement the project the best possible way. Our building services are done according to all building regulations. After inspecting the property and planning the conversion, extension or other innovation, our building engineers will present the project using computer graphics. Use our building services available in Mill Hill, NW7 any time in the week. You home and commercial estate will become more luxurious and valuable after we provide the requested repairs, installations and innovations in it.