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If you need professional help in the installation of your alarm, doorbell, air conditioning, heating or lighting fixture, use our electrical services. The electricians who work for us are certified and have been professionally trained. They can replace the wires in your property, repair the switches and sockets in it, install your new lighting systems. Use our reliable and inexpensive electrical services to maintain the electrical appliances and systems in your home and office. The electricians in our company will test and check them for defects. Rely on them to do the electrical services which you need in your property, located in Dollis Hill, NW2.

Call us on 020 3745 4377 or send us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk to get a free quotation.

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    Electricians in Dollis Hill from HomeMates

    Electrician from HomeMates

    Call us whenever you have a problem with the electricity at your home. Don’t let a blown fuse ruin your weekend or the family meeting. We will be on your doorstep in a short notice and our electricians will efficiently repair any damage. There is no underlying problem or electrical task they are unable to complete. We provide our customers, who live in the area of Dollis Hill, NW2 with different electrical services – wiring, rewiring, fault finding, safety testing. We can install or repair your fire alarm system or the lights in the garden. Call us now or make a booking through the website.

    More Services in Dollis Hill from HomeMates

    Electrician London

    HomeMates offers professional electrical services for the residents who live and work in Dollis Hill, NW2. They include all kinds of electrical installations, repairs and testing of the electrical systems for properly and safely functioning. The electricians can install and repair your CCTV system, intercoms, doorbell, audio and video technologies. They can check the wiring in your estate and replace it with new if it is necessary. Use our trustworthy and affordable electrical services to maintain your alarm, security, lighting and heating appliances. They will be used longer and won’t cause you any problems or dangerous situations. For more information speak with our phone operators.

    Local Electricians Dollis Hill, NW2


    Sometimes small electrical damages can become serious and expensive ones just because the maintenance of the electrical network has been neglected. Don’t let the minor electrical issues cause you troubles and expenses. Book for our electrical services and we will handle the rest. Our electricians will come and troubleshoot the fault before you even know what’s going on. Call us no matter if you want to install lightning in the garden or you want to wire your new bathroom. We are at your service every day. You can find us working in Dollis Hill, NW2 even during the holidays.