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If you have problems when using your electrical appliances and systems, you can rely on the electricians who work in HomeMates to take care of them. They can rewire your property, electrical systems and devices, repair them and install new ones. If you need help in the installation of your new alarm system or smoke detector, lighting fixtures or heating systems, call us. The electrical services which we provide for the residents of Plumstead, SE18 are done safely and in a professional manner. The electricians will test the appliances, find the faults in them and do the necessary repairs. Order any of our electrical services which you need.

Call us on 020 3745 4377 or send us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk to get a free quotation.

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    Electricians in Plumstead from HomeMates

    Electrician from HomeMates

    HomeMates offers professional and inexpensive electrical services which are absolutely compliant with the safety and legislation requirements. If you need help in the installation, repair or replacement of your electrical systems or devices, use them. The electricians are qualified, skilled and trustworthy. They can install, check and test every new appliance and repair non-functioning old one. You can count on them to install your fire alarm, intercoms, CCTV systems, internal and external lighting fixtures and systems. The electrical services which we provide in Plumstead, SE18 are at your disposal from Monday to Sunday. Call us or send an e-mail to order them.

    More Services in Plumstead from HomeMates

    Electrician London

    Our electricians service has been serving the residents of London for several years now. Whatever electrical issue you may have, be assured we can resolve it. Below is just a sample of what our electricians have worked on.

    • Alarm Installation
    • Fire Detection Systems
    • Electrical Installations
    • Lights Installation
    • Full Rewiring Services
    • Electric Heating
    • Fault Finding and Safety Testing Checks

    We are fully insured, and can supply current references on request. We have every tool and appliance known to man to ensure we do a safe and proper job. We also offer a 24 hour emergency service at reasonable rates. So call us on the phone number supplied and make an appointment for one of our technicians to come and visit you.

    Local Electricians Plumstead, SE18


    If you have problems when you use your audio, video appliances or need help in the installation or replacement of your lighting, we can help you. Our company offers excellent electrical services which can be used by property owners of domestic and commercial estates. The electricians can maintain, repair, replace and install your security, alarm and CCTV systems, intercoms, smoke detection systems. They can fix the malfunctions in your lighting, heating, air conditioning and other electrical devices. Call us or fill our online booking form to receive your individual quote. Our electrical services are at your disposal every day in Plumstead, SE18.