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We are here to offer you our innovative floor sanding service. Our company gives you the best prices on the market and that’s guaranteed. Our team of motivated and experienced sanders has the skills to finish your project safely and easily, no matter how big or how small it is. They will remove all the furniture, carpet (if any) for you and then clean everything after the job is done. We will use only high quality machinery and materials during the floor sanding procedure. We are operating in the area of Finchley, N3 every day. Call and book now!

You can get all the information you need by sending e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk or by giving us a call on 020 3745 4377.

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    Floor Sanding Services in Finchley from HomeMates

    Floor Sanding Machine

    Having your wooden floor sanded is a good idea after it has gone through a long life and has started to look shabby. Our company has been providing customers in Finchley, N3 with excellent floor sanding options, giving them the chance to have their floors restored and brought back to life. We offer low prices that are super easy to afford, while at the same time our services meet the highest standards and exceed the highest requirements. We work with a team of fully-qualified experts, who are experienced, motivated, skilful and always ready to provide a client with the needed professional assistance.

    Dustless Floor Sanding in Finchley

    Man Sanding Wood Floors

    You can rely on the technicians in our company to provide the necessary professional floor sanding which will remove all signs of everyday usage from your wood flooring. They will wipe the dust and dirt from the floor, remove all staples, nails and tacks left from the old sealants and start the sanding process. It will be performed with the proper type of sandpaper and advanced sanding machines. After that your cork, parquet and wood floor will be coated with oils or polyurethane, which will protect it from damage. Our floor sanding services are available in and near Finchley, N3.

    Wood Floor Sanding Finchley, N3

    Sanding Floors

    By booking our professional floor sanding service you will change forever the appearance of your hardwood floors. They will look like new after the experts we will send from our company called HomeMates erase all marks and scratches from the surface. It is enough to dial our phone number during any day of the week you like and we promise that we will send you our team of experts right away. They will make sure that all pollution and marks disappear from the surface of your hardwood floors. Reserve a professional floor sanding procedure with our company by coming to Finchley, N3 during the week.