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Edmonton, N9 is one of the neighbourhoods with the most beautiful houses in the whole of London. And keeping up to the expectation of all your neighbours and friends is not easy. That is why when the time for redecoration comes we are here to help you. Our company will help you decorate your house, interchange all the carpentry and woodwork and we will also give you advices on arranging so that you house will the best looking in the whole area. The price you will pay is nothing compared to the admiration of all the people around you.

Give us a call now on 020 3745 4377 or send us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk with your enquiry or to arrange a viewing.

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    Home Refurbishment in Edmonton from HomeMates

    Home Refurbishment

    If you need fitting of new appliances and furniture in your bathroom or kitchen, floor installation or repair, plumbing, electrical or gas repairs, re-roofing or other home refurbishment services, HomeMates can implement them in a professional manner. The technicians, builders and handymen can convert your basement and loft, extend your house. Use our services to re-decorate your rooms, replace the wallpapers, plaster or paint your walls in a colour by your choice. You can order the brilliant home refurbishment which our company provides in Edmonton, N9 by calling us or sending an e-mail. Our services are available seven days in the week and provided at reasonable prices.

    House Renovation in Edmonton


    If you need complete refurbishment services in Edmonton, N9, London, call us!

    Our refurbishment company can provide you fast, professional and full refurbishment services any time you need them and always performing top quality.

    From the first plans and ideas up to the final details we provide it all – architects can take a look at your place and designers will give you tips about decoration, colours and spaces. Plumbers, electricians and carpenters will take care of the installation and flooring and builders will do the job. Call for details and information. Make sure to ask for the prices – you will be surprised!

    Property Refurbishment in Edmonton, N9

    House Refurbishment

    When you live in one place for a long time everything seems to be dull, it does not matter how many times you are repainting the place, what type of curtains and cushions you are placing all over it, it is still what you want. In such cases the best thing you could do is call us and entrust us with the task to utterly change your house or apartment. We can even make internal reconstruction and on top of that we will also decorate it so it will be hard for you to recognise your own home. Come see us in Edmonton, N9, do not hesitate because we are the best in London when it comes to property refurbishing.