Electric Installations

Electrician-installWhen handling electric issues, the necessary precautions should be taken in order to avoid any potential accidents and further damages. Electricity in general is not something that everybody can manage to deal with. Actually, it requires vast knowledge and precision.

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In case you want to have your installation checked or repaired, you’d better ask HomeMates, which is a professional professional home services provider, to complete all these steps:

  • diagnosing the cause of the breakdown by using voltmeters, ohmmeters
  • correcting the problem
  • layout and installation of electrical wiring
  • connecting wires to breakers and transformers
  • digging trenches to lay conduit
  • installing and repairing light fixtures
  • electrical rewiring
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    Sometimes, a minor problem such as a fault in the circuit can cause the whole electric installation breakdown. Bearing that in mind, a careful examination of the circuits, outlets and panel boards is required. However, that wouldn’t be possible without having the right equipment. Our team of electricians is properly equipped to additionally perform lighting repair, fault finding and safety testing.

    New Installation

    Solving the electric issue is the more difficult and time – consuming task that requires knowledge as well. Sometimes, when moving into a newly built property the owner has to install the electrical wiring on their own. Asking for help is recommended as laying conduit and connecting to the transformer is undoubtedly exhausting and complicated job.


    In case the property you live in is not among the newest ones, at one point you will have to take advantage of rewiring procedure with the aim of avoiding serious incidents.

    The aesthetic light fixtures can significantly improve the atmosphere in every room but all too often plugging them into the electric system is impossible without the help of a certified electrician who knows best how to connect the wires in the right way.

    Moreover, an experienced electrician can give a piece of advice about the proper maintenance of the electric installations and identify what kind of problems may arise in future.