Fault Finding

fault findingFault Finding which is provided by HomeMates is a process of detecting an electrical fault and solving it. An electrical fault can have a very negative impact on home appliances, as it can results in damages or even starting a fire. To detect the problem, sometimes it’s not that complicated, for the fact that the fault might be obvious and easy to solve. However, there are other cases when finding a fault in your power supply takes professional skills. It is best to find the fault before it has turned into a problem.

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Some signs for electrical malfunction could be:

  • Light switches are hot
  • Light switches are noisy
  • Lights dim when an appliance is turned on
  • Colours near light switches and power points have faded
  • Appliances work less effectively
  • You feel a minor shocking sensation when touching the light switch or turning an appliance on
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    Expert fault finding

    Our company offers a fault finding service for both domestic and commercial properties. Our services take care of the whole process, from testing and finding the fault, to solving it. There are several sources of electrical faults within a property that only an expert is able to detect and solve. Our professionals will evaluate the issue and avoid damages from happening in your place. All of them are professionally trained to find faults in all types of electric installations as well as to perform lighting repair and safety testing.

    Damages might be caused by either an obvious or an undetected electrical fault. The process of finding a fault in the power supply system includes a few stages, such as investigation, observation, detecting the problem and fixing it. An expert electrician will examine your place to investigate the issue and will observe the particular appliance to find the fault.

    Once the problem has been defined, an electrician will use their knowledge and apply proper skills to eliminate the problem. To solve an electrical problem, special equipment and techniques are required.