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Don’t make the mistake of neglecting the electrical installation at your home because sometimes the problem can be fixed in a few minutes but it you think that it will take care of itself that can lead to many inconveniences and even to broken kitchen appliances, computers and lighting. We have a team of experienced electricians who cover the area of Camberwell, SE5 every day. They provide wiring, rewiring, installation of different electrical appliances, safety testing and many more. Call our operators and get the best quote for the kind of service you want us to provide.

Call us on 020 3745 4377 or send us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk to get a free quotation.

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    Electricians in Camberwell from HomeMates

    Electrician from HomeMates

    Homes in Camberwell, SE5 rarely have problems with their electrical installations and we are the ones to blame for that! Our company has been in the business of maintaining and repairing electrical installations for years and we have proven our reliability and professionalism numerous times. Most of our customers reside in this particular area, but we also ready to work in other parts of London, so feel free to give us a call if you want to book our planned or emergency electrical services that will resolve any issues that your electrical installation may cause. Our support staff is at your disposal seven days a week, so contact us if you have any questions or if you require more information.

    More Services in Camberwell from HomeMates

    Electrician London

    There are plenty of electrical services which HomeMates provides that can be used by the residents who live in Camberwell, SE5. In them are included lighting installation and repair, fixing and maintaining of heating, security, alarm and other systems. Your electrical devices and systems will be checked, repaired or installed and tested. The electricians are qualified and professional. They can maintain the electrical systems in your building in order and make sure you don’t have problems with them. Reserve the electrical services which you need by phone, e-mail or online. Your electrical systems will work properly long time without any defects.

    Local Electricians Camberwell, SE5


    Don’t get into trouble for hiring an unqualified electrician, especially when it comes to your own home. Our company offers you economically – priced electrical services performed by electricians who pass the required standards. They will be on your address, fully equipped with tools and high quality replacement parts. Some of the services we offer are: Portable appliance testing (PAT), circuit board installation, domestic appliance installations, heating control, lighting design, testing and inspections and many more. We are operating in the area of Camberwell, SE5 every day of the week. Call now and get your free consultation or check on our website.