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We are kindly offering you our professionally done floor fitting, thanks to which you can guarantee the impeccable look of your floors. Whether it comes to floor installation or to removing of scratches and stains, our experienced floor fitters are ready to offer you excellent decisions at very reasonable prices. Currently located in Hendon, NW4, we constantly strive to exceed customers’ expectations and to offer diverse procedures for the impeccable look of your floors. Check out our exceptional offers and book our floor fitting from Monday to Sunday. If you prefer you can use the call centres that also provide perfect working schedules.

You can get all the information you need by sending e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk or calling us at 020 3745 4377.

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    Floor Fitting Services in Hendon from HomeMates

    Floor Fitters

    If you want to quickly and effectively install a new floor in your home, familiarise yourself with our floor fitting services in Hendon, NW4 and get one by phone in an instant. No matter which day of week, our team of professionals can pay you a visit to lay the new flooring. They will use various effective techniques at their discretion in order to ensure that the new floor is securely positioned and able to withstand heavy foot traffic in the years to come. Throughout the job they will be friendly, courteous and hard-working. You won’t notice they are there. Make an appointment.

    Laminate Floor Fitting in Hendon

    Laminate Fitting

    HomeMates offers professional installation of parquet, solid wood, engineered, laminate and other types of flooring. If you need qualitatively done floor fitting in your property, located in Hendon, NW4, get in touch with our customer care centre. We can guarantee you excellent work done by certified and experienced fitters, who work along with the customers to achieve the desired results. Our floor fitting includes preparation of the area, removing of old flooring, fitting the chosen floor material and testing the fitted floor. Our specialists in floor fitting can consult you on many questions regarding the flooring which you plan to install.

    Wood Floor Fitting Hendon, NW4

    Floor Fitting Tools

    If you want to ensure professional floor installation and repair at reasonable prices, trust our dedicated company that has long specialized in the flooring business. We are ready to meet with you in Hendon, NW4, 7 days per week at a time that will be suitable for you. We provide innovative procedures, thanks to which we can offer excellent final results, no matter of the procedure that is provided. Our company offers very flexible working schedules which is a great advantage for the customers who are busy during the week. Whenever you need further information about our latest offers, turn to the customer support centres.