Boiler Repairs

boiler repairsTo do a properly done boiler repair our engineers will first visually check and open the boiler, before starting to work on it. They will do a number of inspections and tests to determine the exact reason for the problem and to localize the malfunction right. Hare are some of the things our technicians will do to perform a qualitative boiler repair:

  • open the boiler to see its components: main burner, heat exchanger, main injector, seals, fan and others
  • check all joints on pipework and water
  • examine if the burner is functioning properly
  • clean the inside surface of the cover
  • mend broken parts and repair the too damaged with new ones
  • thoroughly clean all the parts inside the boiler if needed
  • replace the broken or damaged components with new ones, suitable for your boiler system
  • put the protective cover back and screw tightening it enough to close

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    All boilers differ and depending on the type of each one, the maintenance and repairs are different. After checking the most important components, the technicians will examine the rest of the parts for defects or broken areas. To complete every boiler repair service, our engineers need at least half an hour work. If they find any problem to your boiler, they will inform you about the approximate amount of the prices your boiler repairs cost. If you are not satisfied with the boiler repair options you may prefer to buy and install a new boiler.

    In the end of the repair process you will receive a service report, which includes everything the engineer had done to the boiler, its components and the central heating. It includes the prices of the services and the exchanged parts. Before signing it, you should check if everything is correct and tick each performed task. If the boiler is not properly repaired it can cause leaks in the bathroom or become ineffective to heat water and even stop working. It may also damage the room it is in together with the surrounding rooms and cause the need of emergency plumber.