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tilingWelcome to HomeMates. We provide tiling services. Tiling is a way to decorate walls and floors in residential properties or public buildings. Most of the time, wall and floor tiles are laid on both external and internal surfaces. Among the other types of tiles may be clay, glass, ceramic, marble and slate tiles. For home renovation clients can choose from a variety of tiles made of all kinds of materials such as natural stone, concrete, porcelain, resin, fossils, metal, wood clay, leather and more.

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Furthermore, tiles come in different shapes and sizes. Thickness is a factor as well. This helps clients choose the desired product, but it also facilitates the process of tiling as some places may be too small or flat to lay down large, thick tiles.

What does the service include? Our technicians can and will:

  • Measure the area, examining the quantity of tiles to be used
  • Cut tiles
  • Fit tiles into place
  • Grout and re-grout the area
  • Remove old tiles
  • Repair areas where tiles are broken or missing
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    Our company provides tiling for kitchens, hallways, floors and walls. Also, tiles can be decorated or plain depending on the needs of the premises. Some of them are easy to maintain whereas others are more delicate and may crack much more easily.

    We Provide Tiling Services in All London Areas Including:

    Tiling Services Mayfair, W1
    We can help customers choose the best tiling for their homes or businesses as well as other appropriate services such as Wallpapering, Painting & Decorating and Plastering. Some tiles are recommended to use in bathrooms and laundry rooms, and others are designed for kitchens, hospitals and other types of premises. Porcelain, for example, is extremely durable and its cost is competitive, which makes it one of the most common type of tiling these days.

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