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Electrical installation is not something anyone can do, in fact it’s job that requires a professional qualification. That’s why you should never try to fix your installation on your own. And of course you don’t have to because now our company offers you the best electrical installation service at the most economical prices in London. We got our team of professional electricians who are on your convenience seven days a week. We offer a wide range of procedures including safety testing. We cover the area of Walworth, SE17. Call us now!

Call us on 020 3745 4377 or send us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk to get a free quotation.

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    Electricians in Walworth from HomeMates

    Electrician from HomeMates

    Hire a team of experienced electricians to do the safety testing of your electrical installation and save you a lot of money you would spend if something goes wrong. They will fix the problem when it is still easily repairable and install fire alarm systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, energy efficient and emergency lighting, CCTV systems, inspect the existing ones for breakdowns and many more. They work every day with a flexible schedule in the area of Walworth, SE17. You can contact us at any time and inquire a free quote and a consultation.

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    Electrician London

    Do you need electrical services in Walworth, SE17? Here is the thing. You can get the best of services by our company, HomeMates. We are your electrical specialist that is well-trained and always at your service. We offer safety testing, lighting repair, electrical installations, fault finding and others. Put your trust in us and you won’t regret it. With our amazing skills, professionalism and experience we are ready to tackle all your electrical issues. We promise to put your electrical system back in working order. Get in touch with our assistants and request more details. We will be glad to help.

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    If you need help in the installation, repair or replacing of your lighting, heating, electrical or security systems, call us and order any of our electrical services. The electricians in our company can check the work of your electrical appliances and systems, do the necessary repairs and corrections in them. They can repair your faulty sockets and switches, install new alarm systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms. Use our great electrical services for your home, office, garden or any property which is located in or near Walworth, SE17. We can guarantee you that you will be happy with the work of our electricians.