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Are you looking for professional plumbing services with top quality? In that case, there is only one place you can go. The name of our highly respected company is HomeMates and we are famous with our great procedures in every part of London. You can take advantage of them whenever you like because our professional plumbers are working even during the weekends. Any problem with the pipes, the taps or another part of your plumbing system will be fixed promptly by the friendly plumbers of our company. A reservation for a plumbing service you can make in Highbury, N5 any time.

If you would like to arrange a viewing, get a quote or book a plumber call us at 020 3745 4377 or e-mail us at

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    If you have plumbing problems, do not hesitate to contact our company. Our plumbing services have been delivered in Highbury, N5 for more than a decade now and we take pride in our certified plumbers who do their best to fix problems for our residential customers. We use professional equipment to address any problem. But most of all, we have a number of relevant skills and qualifications. Our workers are experienced. Over the years they have fixed, installed and replaced a myriad of sinks, drains, pipes, etc. This is the company you need to call next time you have an issue with your plumbing. Make an appointment.

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    A slow draining tub or sink can cause a lot of inconveniences and unfortunately many more plumbing problems may occur, especially if you haven’t taken proper care of the plumbing system. We can replace and repair the damaged parts easily but first, you have to call our operators and request plumbing services in the area of Highbury, N5. Our plumbers have a flexible working time, they work even on the official holidays because we know how important it is to fix the problems and help you save money from the water bills. Our cost – effective prices and experienced plumbers are the best solution to you.

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    Are you faced with plumbing issues? Don’t let this ruin your day. Contact HomeMates and get all your problems tackled right away. Here we are dedicated to plumbing services and our mission is to bring customers’ plumbing systems back in working condition. Whenever you call us in, we will try our hardest to meet your expectations. We encourage you to give our service a try. We are at your disposal all the time, even during weekends. If you need an emergency plumber, again, you can lean on our company. We work around Highbury, N5. If you are interested in our service, please take the time to call us.