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safety testingHomeMates provides wide variety of local electrical services in Hanwell, W7 for your home and office. Our qualified electricians will solve any electrical problem.

Welcome to HomeMates. We offer a wide variety of electrical services, all at amazing prices. We are professional electricians with significant experience in this business who do their best to fulfil customers’ requests. Our job involves not only repair of wiring and lighting, but also installation of alarm systems, lighting and other fixtures and fittings.

If you’re willing to use our service, please give us a call, so that we can arrange all the details. We’re open 7 days a week. Contact us to find out more.

Call us on 020 3745 4377 or send us an e-mail at info@homemates.co.uk to get a free quotation.

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    Electrical Services Hanwell From HomeMates

    Our electricians have all the necessary abilities and competences. They have been troubleshooting electrical problems for many years, gaining lots of experience from their visits to customers’ properties. Thus you can be sure your house is handled by professional workers.
    Our company is known for its:

    • Good work habits;
    • Friendly environment;
    • Experienced and skilled electricians;
    • Competitive prices;
    • No hidden fees

    Here is a list of all the services we provide in Hanwell

    Our seasoned electricians in Hanwell fix and replace switches, repair lighting and upgrade wiring. But that’s not all. In addition we can install new lighting anywhere in the house and your garden, install fire alarms and alarm systems, install lights on ceilings and walls, assemble kitchen and bathroom extractor fans and much more. Just call us and ask for a full list of our service.

    Professional Electricians Hanwell, W7

    How do we operate? Once you call our representatives to ask for a service, we will send an electrician or a team of electricians to diagnose your electrical system and find the fault. After that they will use their skills and knowledge to fix the problem. They work with attention to detail, making sure your electrical system is safe and secure. If you need us to upgrade your home by installing lighting, extractor fans or alarm systems, we will take a look at the place, make measurements and evaluations and get the job done as quickly as we can.

    No matter what, we promise to achieve the best results, putting your electrical system back in order. If you trust our reliable electricians who work within Hanwell, W7 you will be fascinated by their enthusiasm and skills. We are confident we can help you, so we urge you to contact us. We’re available 24/7, so give us a call at a time that you prefer. We’re waiting for you.