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home cleaning Keep your home neat and clean thanks to the professional home cleaning services provided by HomeMates in Ealing, W5. Book your cleaner now!

The best part is that we can be there for you seven days a week. Getting in touch with us is the only way you can obtain more information about us and we recommend you do contact us as soon as you can.

If you want to live in a sparkling clean home without making an effort to clean, hire our maids. Here at our popular cleaning firm, we’re very dedicated to home cleaning.

Our Cleaning Experts

She is in her early 50's and she is one of our finest cleaners. The saying 'Age ain't nothing but a number' defines her.


She is challenging herself in order to become an expert. She is practicing her skills on daily bases and do not accept anything but sparkling home.


She is one of our brightest cleaners. Fond of household pets and children. Galina works quickly and up to a high standard.


She is a brilliant cleaner, who works quickly and catches on to each and every one of our customers' needs.

Reliable Home Cleaning in Ealing from HomeMates

These are the steps that our service involves, once you make an appointment:

  • Discussion;
  • Cleaning and tidying room by room;
  • Laundry and dishwashing;
  • Ironing (optional);
  • Inspection

E-mail us at info@homemates.co.uk or call us on 020 3745 4377 and our customer care team will gladly explain you even the smallest details about our cleaning services.

Hourly Based Services
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    Here is a list of all the services we provide in Ealing

    Throughout the years we’ve helped many Londoners based in Ealing, W5 to keep their properties spic-and-span. We have flexible working hours, low prices and customisable services.

    Our home cleaning service is perfect for families who don’t have time to maintain their homes, as we offer regular cleaning sessions. But if you are okay with housekeeping and all you really need is a one-time cleaning session, we’re still here for you.

    Home Cleaning Ealing, W5

    If you order regular cleaning in Ealing, W5, we’ll have a discussion with you about how often you want us to visit your home in a month, whether every day, every other day, twice a week or less frequently. Whether you need a one off or a regular cleaning session, the quality of our service stays the same. We always deliver first-class services, no matter the day and the time.

    How is the cleaning done? Our maids will divide your home into sections and each one will be assigned a different task. One maid will gather the clutter from every room, dust and vacuum all surfaces. Another will take care of your laundry, if there’s any. Furthermore, they will take out all the rubbish and before they leave, they will make sure your home is in perfect condition.

    As mentioned before, our headquarters is in Ealing, W5. You can obtain more information about us by phone. It is highly recommended you contact us at least 24 hours before you need the service to be carried out so that we come prepared. We promise to tailor our cleaning sessions to suit your home, preferences and budget. There are numerous options and you only have to get in touch with us to take advantage of our offer. Be sure to make an appointment with our employees today.