Roof Repair

roof-repairA leaking roof can cause you a lot of damages, as a result of the penetrating moisture entering inside and outside your house. The roof repair we provide include assistance in small repairs, fixing leaks, mending damaged or broken slates, tiles or replacing them with new, where necessary. Our team of technicians are qualities and fully insured. Use our services for different kinds of roof repair.

HomeMates offers roof repair in London as well as all other types of roofing services.

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You can use our roof repair services for:

  • Different emergency repairs
  • Covering your damaged roof areas
  • Repairing pitched roofs
  • Repairing slates and tiles
  • Repair of flat, felt, lead and fibre-glass roofs
  • Repairing of metal and plastic sheet roofs
  • Gutter cleaning, repair and installation
  • Repairing of guttering systems and fascia boards
  • Repair of asphalt roofs and steps
  • Repair of lead-work roofs
  • Complete roof substitution if necessary
  • Installation of cast iron and uPVC work
  • Chimney and flashings repairs
  • Fixing all kinds of leaks

Emergency Roof Repair

If you have some leak coming from your roof, not properly functioning chimney or flashing, you can use our services to mend them and make them functioning again. We have emergency technicians to make your urgent repairs fast and qualitatively. Rotting timbers can create a lot of moisture, creating conditions for appearing of mould and fungus, which are very dangerous to your health. Our technicians can repair your roof patches with some extra tiles, fix broken slates, where necessary to stop the leaks from your roof.

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    They can also restore your chimney, flashings and fascias. Use our roof repair services to make the necessary fixing work in time, before it becomes too late. We also offer sealing services for covering your roof surface with a protective top, which will waterproof it. All damaged areas in your roofs can be covered with a protective sheet. Our company also provides survey to find out if you have some leaks, moisture, damp proofing breaks in your walls and ceilings. The sooner we detect the problems, the better. Our repair work can save you from many problems, caused by moisture inside and outside your home, leading to mould and fungus.