Tree Pruning

tree_pruningLike any other gardening task, the tree pruning is demanding and requires a vast knowledge otherwise some severe damages can be caused to the trees. A tree may need pruning due to a variety of reasons – removing diseased branches, creating a beautiful shape and so on. In all cases taking advantage of some professional company like HomeMates is always recommended since only a professional gardener would be able to achieve the desired result.

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Our Gardening Experts

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works for our company for 1 year already. As he is specialised in shaping the bushes, lawn mowing and grass cutting, he helps to numerous Customers to maintain their gardens on daily bases.

Our gardeners will consider

  • when is the most suitable time for pruning
  • which is the most efficient tree pruning method
  • which are the most appropriate tools
  • how to preserve the trees from any negative impact

Although the best time for performing a tree pruning procedure is after the all the leaves fall, don’t hesitate to call a gardener right away if you see a diseased or dead branch. Sometimes, keeping them can be extremely harmful. Overall you should not hesitate to call a gardener whenever you need professional gardening, lawn mowing or hedge trimming as it is the best way to maintain your garden in a perfect condition.

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    Professional Gardening Methods

    As we have mentioned above, the right pruning method is critically important for having healthy trees. Every pruning procedure poses a risk to the tree. It is more prone to catching a disease or being attacked by insects. That’s why grabbing the first gardening tool you see in the garage is not the most sensible thing one can do. Entrust an experienced gardener for a complete peace of mind. They should come fully equipped with all the tools required so any accidents and damages are kept to the minimum.

    It is a common knowledge that particular insects and animals are the worst enemies of the trees. Apart from the pruning, trees also need a protection form the hot/ cold weather, watering, fertilising. Learn how to cope with all these issues by receiving some useful information from a professional gardening technician.