Furniture Assembly

furniture assembingThe group of handymen services of HomeMates includes furniture assembly which can be of great assistant to people who are planning upcoming moving, refurnishing or redecorating of their properties. This particular service can be used for any premise of your house as well as for any kind of furniture, regardless of the brand, material or size. All parts of your items will be assembled together and situated in the room you want and in the order you desire.

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    Furniture Assembly Services From HomeMates

    When you need furniture assembly it often happens to be in need some similar services like Odd Jobs, Fit Binds and Curtains and Repair Bath Fan.

    Usual places where furniture assembly is required are:

    • Kitchen – The chairs and table will be fit together, in order for you to receive the kitchen you’ve always wanted. The handymen employed at our agency can also assemble the cabinetry and even install some of the appliances.
    • Bedroom – The night stands, bed frame and closets will be carefully assembled and double-checked for your safety. The place you will sleep in will also have well-arranged drawers and bookcases after the visit of our employees.
    • Children’s room – The comfort and safety of your children will be secured by our specialists. All furniture like desks, shelves, small or big beds, closets and drawers will be carefully put together and foolproof by our handymen. They can even take care of the things for your baby like crib, high chair, diaper drawers and others.
    • The office – Your office will be ready to use very quickly after our handymen fit together the chairs, desks, cupboards and shelves and arrange them the way you like.
    • The garden and the outdoor spaces – Some garden furniture require more specific tools and instruments for assembling which our experts can provide and use for their proper fitting. Any big or small chairs, tables, benches and even gazebo will be put together efficiently and placed in your garden.

    It doesn’t matter what is the brand of your furniture or whether you bought it from IKEA or some other place because our employees are trained to work with any type of objects and materials.